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very nice very very nice you definately know pain inside and you have everything in that movie which i have experienced apart from the 5 yr thing cause i got over it but the person in that movie must've been with that girl for 2 or 3 yrs and getting taken away omg that would be very painful

overall i think you really know how to express your feelings to the audience and thats what makes yew an excellant animator for flash

and to the people that has seen this movie and hate it have they ever had a girl for atleast a year if not then yew guys need to grow up and get some good looks and a good fucking personality for the girls unless yew prefere going out with sycho bitches

i really hope your animations will be a great success on newgrounds and other sites cause this movie is totally a winner man

good luck

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wow nice art work your a pro at this shit :D how long did it take to do all of that? nice music that came with it aswell lol it put a chill down my spine good luck with your flash with art work like that you're definately going somewhere great

666...667?? 666...667??

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what about 888 or even 999

i think those numbers are devil years

Mad teddybear goodness Mad teddybear goodness

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lol iam crazy on the mic if i sent you a sound file of me goin crazy make a flash for my voice haha

How humans got here How humans got here

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lol random

lol my version would be sum1 took a shit in space and it crashed to earth like an asteroid and all these weird things came out and evolved all the time

or another idea... what would humans look like if they evolved ???? :)

MephistonX responds:

eh true but i thought ng charecters would be funnier

Peoplemation: Trash Peoplemation: Trash

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wow great movie it was funny when that blue haired guy rolled away in the bin haha

how long did this take you to make lol it would be great if you did the same type of thing except its the sims game movie thingy THAT would be fun

well this movie deserve to be on the front page and hope you guys will make many more movies

oh yeah the sound goes well with it too heres a 10


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funny as fuk

funny as fuk wen all the zombies get blasted n shit lol

Pure Concentration Pure Concentration

Rated 4 / 5 stars


wow if it was wwIII nd i am just on my computer i think i'd be like that and when electricity switches off i wonder if i wuld still b stuck on the computer or i would be to busy going into a rage and all of a sudden i die nd dont expect it watever i am blabbling on this movie was gr8 and i liked the way you just make it so simple and and have the background moving its reely kool hope you make some more of this shit

Chavs Chavs

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dude this movie is funny as fuk! i am from scotland and ive had so much shite from chavs nd they come up to me nd ask for a fag i saw no nd say ill buy a fag fir 10pence nd i am like ughh no way pal

haha! fuk the chavs they think they can beat up goths and take over the world with white smelly and sweaty clothes no way! gr8 flash btw its so gr8!

!!!jump Around!!! Iv !!!jump Around!!! Iv

Rated 5 / 5 stars

fuken right\1

this movie is so fuken random man!! haha!!! godamit this shit rocks!!! haha!!! this shuld b on mtv!! for 10 minutes continuelesly ha!!! ha!!! u get a 5 rating overall score 10!

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